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Medical Marvel – Safe, Secure Software Solutions

Cue Media recognises someone’s private medical history is extremely sensitive information which requires the utmost privacy and must be handled with care. And as such, our customised software has been specifically developed with medical practitioners and pharmacists in mind.  

Created by Australia’s best software developers, the exceptionally safe and secure system allows patients to securely book appointments and upload personal details via a website or app.  

The revolutionary technology means patients can have prescriptions conveniently filled online, without worrying whether their personal details will be compromised. As there’s no possible way they can be! The software is airtight. Conversely, doctors and pharmacists can also access patient’s personal medical records, data and confidentiality forms easily and securely. 

Working with the best software developers in the business, Cue Media has implemented their advanced technology for pharmaceutical client, Good Price Pharmacy, with huge success and rave reviews.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse has become one of Australia’s leading retailers in health, beauty and medicinal products. Each store carries brand names in vitamins, skincare, hair care, sun care, cosmetics, perfumes, prescriptions and medicines at everyday low prices.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse wanted the capacity to sellboth prescribed and un-prescribed products online.   And with Cue Media’s help, customers can now upload their prescriptions online, have them filled and then purchase relevant medicines all from a mobile or tablet device, creating a seamless user-experience (UX).  

Cue Media also created different checkout options based on which items are in the shopping cart; while online prices were successfully integrated with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse’s in-store medical system.  

Both parties – patient and pharmacist – are extremely happy with the usability and security functions that software offers. It’s a win-win! 

As a doctor or pharmacist running a medical practice or pharmacy, respectively, Cue Media can tailor an easy, safe and reliable software solution to meet the needs of your growing business. Our software and app is completely customisable, so we can provide a speedy solution just for you. Contact Cue Media to book a consultation with our Creative Director, Nicole Antees, and kickstart your digital journey today! 

magento migration

Make the switch from Magento before it’s too late!

Magento users will know only too well the issues associated with its eCommerce platform. Bad customer experience, administrative issues, no built-in automated testing, inability to manage corporate accounts, slow page-loading speeds and being non-responsive on different devices, are but a few Magento negatives. And now things have gone from bad to worse with version 1 of the platform coming to an end anytime from November 2018. This means Magento customers are either going to have to risk transitioning to Magento 2, or re-platform entirely.

It will come as frustrating news for those merchants who have managed to master the clunky Magento platform. But by the end of 2018, Magento will cease support for eCommerce merchants that currently use its version 1 platform so they will have no choice but to stay on a sinking ship or quite simply, jump ship.

Users will no longer receive security updates essential for keeping their sites safe, rendering Magento 1 useless. No security updates mean sites will be susceptible to security breaches, errors and malicious attacks.

Thankfully, Cue Media has a timely solution.

With some of Australia’s best software developers in-house, Cue Media has created the answer to your eCommerce dreams. Enter: emarketit! With a suite of functions, we can migrate your store from existing platforms such as Magento 1 and 2 and develop any plugins you currently use for your site with ease. For example, there are seamless integrations for booking functions and accounting software to take your business to the next level.

Whilst Magento is touting their version 2 platform as new and improved, it’s still in its infancy and may be fraught with all-too-familiar problems just like v1.

Many extensions aren’t yet compatible which is troubling, as extensions are a vital component of most Magento stores providing key functionality.

Another drawback is that Magento 2 is a learning curve for merchants – it has a different interface and layout. Users will essentially be forced to start from scratch, learning how to navigate a whole new operating system. Staff will need to be retrained to use this platform, which may prove costly too.

Don’t risk your business’ livelihood! Leave Magento by the wayside and join our revolutionary platform that’s been built from the ground up by Australia’s leading software developers. The benefits of making the switch to Cue Media’s platform are countless. We will maintain a secure network, regularly monitor and test networks, protect cardholder data, implement strong access control measures and maintain an information security policy. Because Cue Media’s emarketit platform has no versions to upgrade (it’s all automatically done so users are blissfully none-the-wiser), your store is future-proof. The cogs are constantly turning behind the scenes so you’ll never have to worry about pesky upgrades.

Our completely responsive platform means you can monitor your sales, manage products and view reports from anywhere at anytime or any device! Grow your business on-the-go.

get set for the games

Get Set For The Games, Gold Coast!

It’s an exciting time for our home town, hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) from April 4-15. More than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 nations and territories will converge on the Gold Coast for the largest sporting event Australia will see this decade and the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen. With all the excitement the 11-day sporting and cultural event will surely bring, so too will am element of the unknown for local businesses.

If you need to communicate with your customers and consumers urgently about the impact the Games may have on your business, enlist Cue Media to take control of your messaging.

Perhaps you need to let your database know you have extra parking available on-site during the Games; or that you have a special offer you’d like to promote; or maybe it’s likely changed traffic conditions will affect delivery to some regions. Whatever the message you need to convey to your loyal customers and users, we can work on a last-minute strategy to help. Our dedicated in-house creatives are able to strategize a plan via email, social media and text message. Cue Media can also implement a Google AdWords campaign, so you’re guaranteed to reach your target audience instantly. By defining target demographics, positioning your brand in front of relevant consumers and optimizing your ad for location, we will ensure your online success during this busy time and beyond.

The Gold Coast will shine on the world sporting stage and the promotional exposure for business, trade, investment, tourism and events will be huge! Don’t leave it too late and miss this amazing opportunity to capture a new audience and continue connecting with your existing clients. Contact Cue Media today for a free consultation to discuss the impact the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games may have on your brand. Go on, get set for the Games!

wordpress security

Can your WordPress site “hack” it?

We all know WordPress as one of the most popular publishing platforms in the world, running over 25% off all websites worldwide. If you don’t personally have a WordPress blog or site, chances are you know someone who does. So, what’s the problem, you ask? In a nutshell, WordPress uses code that’s visible to everyone, known as open source. And because of this, you’re almost inviting potential hackers to come and well, hack you. It’s far too easy for anyone to access the code, and as WordPress powers so many websites, it’s become the go-to for potential attackers to infect millions of websites in an instant. A real hacker’s delight.

Cue Media’s new platform, developed by Australia’s leading coders will put an end to hackers for good. And it’s super easy to migrate your existing WordPress site, too. We’ll delve into the benefits of Cue Media’s revolutionary emarketit software a bit later but first, it’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of WordPress and frankly, why you need to get out and get out pronto.

Generally, there are three types of “attackers” to a WordPress site – a single bot, a person or a “botnet” which is a group of machines running multiple versions of a program all trying to hack into a number of sites simultaneously.

Why do attackers want to gain access to your site anyway? In a word, for control. But there are a number of reasons: from sending spam to hosting malicious content such as illegal drug sales or pornography or simply stealing your data. And then there’s the option to use your site to redirect traffic to another malicious or spam website – this is called “spamvertizing”.

The likelihood of your site being used for malicious activity once hacked is high. Sadly, this is very damaging to your reputation. You’ll find yourself being penalized in the search engine rankings and you could even be blocked by browser filters like Chrome and Google Safe Browsing list. Bad news all round.

Hackers are like evil geniuses and go about their business using a two-pronged attack. Firstly, they carry out reconnaissance determining what kind of software your website is running and the versions of that software.

Once they know what they’re dealing with, their aim is exploitation. In other words, actually hacking into a website. Whether it’s through your login page, which is the most common form of attack targeting WordPress, or via the PHP code on your site, a close second. Attackers will try to exploit vulnerabilities in PHP code running on your WordPress site including code in WordPress core, your themes, and plugins. There is a myriad of ways they go about hacking but the third most commonly used technique is privilege escalation. If you have registration enabled on your site, hackers can simply register to create a user account. Privilege escalation involves using the access granted by that account and a software flaw to gain higher level of access like ‘admin’.

While there are steps you can take to protect your WordPress site against hackers such as using strong passwords for all user accounts, choosing a reputable hosting provider, keeping WordPress core, your themes and plugins up-to-date; we recommend using our new Cue Media platform, which is not only user-friendly but has security measures in place to ward off potential hackers and keep your site and data 100% safe and secure.

Our emarketit software has been developed by local Gold Coast developers who are among the best in Australia at what they do. They have specifically developed a product for industries that require the utmost security, such as aged care and medical sectors. Our pharmaceutical clients currently use our specialisedv Cue Media platform and to rave reviews. The highly secure code allows patients to upload their prescriptions and have them filled online, creating an incredibly convenient experience for all involved.

This software is iron-clad. And as it’s being used by industry professionals who require the highest level of security, we have no doubt it will serve your business exceptionally well, and you’ll never give a second thought to hackers again. Contact Cue Media today for a free consultation with our creative director, to not only take your online security but your business as a whole, to the next level.

Shopify Developer

Why Shopify?

Why Shopify?

Just as IKEA revolutionized the furniture industry, Shopify is doing the same for eCommerce.

The unique Shopify platform almost flat-packs your online store in the cloud, making setup a breeze.

You don’t need to be an expert in eCommerce. In fact, you don’t even need to know much at all about running a digital business. That’s the beauty of Shopify. It lets you focus on your business growth and what you excel at best – being a retailer, creator of quality products; or seller of goods.

Shopify is a winning solution for businesses big and small as it’s a very cost-effective, fully-hosted cloud-based offering. Monthly fees start at as little as $29.99 which is all inclusive of hosting, analytics and an app.

As Shopify’s straightforward analytics comes standard with pricing, everything is already done, which means you can easily gain insight into your users, capturing any missed sales or following up on any abandoned shopping baskets. All from the palm of your hand when on-the-go.

Shopify’s software is incredibly user-friendly, similar to Facebook. It’s built for humans to use so there are no costs associated with training staff.

Its servers are super-fast with 99.98% uptime. All IT platforms can be seamlessly integrated with Shopify; while there’s easy customization with robust API and App Store.

Shopify also offers 24/7 support so no matter what hours you keep running your business, your questions will be answered pronto.

As Cue Media is an accredited Shopify Partner, we have the know-how to implement different themes and tailor integrations where needed. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Combining Shopify’s tried-and-tested platform (recognized on a global scale) with Cue Media’s tech and creative expertise, is a recipe for success.

We’re able to take your business to the next level and create an eCommerce platform unique to your brand and business in a snap. Almost as quickly as assembling a flat-pack IKEA bookshelf!

Magic Millions Race Day 2018

Magic Racing Moments

Every year, the Magic Millions Race Day gets thoroughbred owners’ and jockeys’ blood pumping as they dart around the racecourse for a chance to win huge prize money through a nine-race program. With seven of these races worth over $1 million, it’s not just the horse owners who are looking for a big win, but also large volumes of excited equine experts, punters and exceptionally-dressed guests.

On Saturday 13th January, the Gold Coast Turf Club will be buzzing from 9.00am and drawing in the crowds throughout the day up until 5.30pm. Onlookers will watch in anticipation as some of the most established horse racers from across Australia, New Zealand and around the world attempt to secure their title as champion. It’s a proud moment for many local residents as this event takes place right in the heart of the Gold Coast.

In 2017, hard-working winners included Undoubtable Miss, Irish Constabulary, Heaven’s Delight and Snitzalong, but there was no lack of effort from any of the horses and jockeys involved. This year, the odds are on top horses such as Performer, Ef Troop, Nomothaj, Crockett and Qafila. With any of these trusty steeds in with a chance of winning first place, horse racing enthusiasts around the globe hopefully attempt to predict the future before placing their bets.

Magic Millions auctions some of the highest performing horseracing champions recognised for their speed, strength and agility. With over 6,000 global racing wins under their belt, the thoroughbred sellers hold over 25 sales annually in Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Launceston. It’s no surprise that every year, this event is one of the most prominent in the racing calendar.

You can check the 2018 Gold Coast Race Day program for details on handicap and ballot conditions, wildcard race information and country cup qualifiers. To everyone attending, watching and hoping for a big win this year, we’d like to wish you good luck!

magento migration

Managing Your Marketing

Today, the working world is far more flexible than it has ever been. Business meetings now take place in much more relaxed and inspiring environments, we travel to see clients and employees have more options to work remotely. Businesses partner with each other to exchange services, benefit from each other’s knowledge and share a mutual ambition for growth.

Different businesses require different marketing and brand communications, so the level of work required varies greatly. When it comes to deciding who creates your marketing collateral, you may be torn between employing an in-house marketing individual, or outsourcing the work to an agency. As a Gold Coast digital agency, we clearly recognise the benefits to our clients of working in partnership with our creative team, but both parties have their benefits.

You hired your staff for a reason, so they obviously have a positive impact on your business, but there is only so much one individual can do. The cost of their wages is also added on top of the marketing spend, rather than one budget dedicated to your collateral. A marketing agency offers the expertise of a full team of creatives who each have their own skills to bring to the table. With each individual specialising in their field, you can take advantage of creative input from web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO strategists and content marketers.

Nobody knows your business like you and your team, but it can be useful to work with an external agency to get an outside opinion on your marketing progress and communication channels. Delivering ideas on how to improve, an agency will also provide extensive reporting and results analysis to illustrate how your marketing budget and investment has had a positive impact on your bottom line.

More and more business owners, managers and directors are moving towards outsourcing particular jobs and projects to marketing, advertising, branding or digital agencies. Their services enable you to deliver improved online performance and marketing campaigns in the form of EDMs, SMS, social media and Google AdWords to capitalise on sales. Best of all, an agency is accountable for these services in their contract – your employees are not.

If you’d like to add an extra edge over your competitors, Cue Media can work with your business and your workforce to ensure your marketing communications pack a punch throughout the year. Talk to our team today to see how we can help you dramatically boost business.

Design Agency Gold Coast

The Power of Brand

We are bombarded with images, advertising and media on a daily basis. Every interaction with your brand creates a memory with your target audience, so it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s a positive one. Your marketing strategy should incorporate well-considered, relevant design and engaging messaging across all platforms to ensure you promote your business to the best of your ability.

When it comes to your logo, website and marketing collateral; appearance is everything. Good design effectively communicates what you do and why you are better than the competition. Your audience needs to quickly understand your offer in order to make a connection with your brand and be open to the idea of paying for your products and services. Design sets the standard for everything they can expect from you.

Every quote, image, social media post and blog entry is an opportunity to pitch your brand. Your branding should be robust and consistent, supported by beautiful design and compelling language that enables your audience to warm and relate to your business. A picture paints a thousand words and every word you write leaves a lasting impression, so establish some core values for your message and stick by them.

Your brand is not just about design, but also the people within it. The way you and your team talk to your audience can influence their decisions on whether they want to buy from you or not. Every phone call, email or message should be thoughtfully considered to ensure you have your audience’s best interests at heart. Bad communication skills lead to negative reviews, and these are the ones that people remember. By educating and training your staff to be helpful and polite ambassadors of your brand, you can maintain an impressive reputation for customer service.

Design thinking is helping businesses all over Australia to overcome challenges and drive positive change for their future. If your brand is outdated or confused, contact the Cue Media design agency in Gold Coast to see how we can bolster your business with sleek design and compelling language.

Open For Business 2018

With 2017 coming to an end, you may be starting to look at the success of your business throughout the year and how it has grown. After pushing new and existing products and services, raising brand awareness and targeting specific audiences, it’s likely you will be analysing your profits in line with your efforts and the plans you originally implemented.

Whether you have achieved your annual objectives or not, you should be asking yourself – do you have a strategy for the new year? It’s difficult to forecast the future of your business, but establishing a full marketing strategy for 2018 will position you way ahead of the competition. Now is the time to start planning strategies from the trends learnt from the past year.

At Cue Media, we encourage our clients to refresh their websites to give them longevity throughout the new year and beyond. Technology advances at a rapid rate, new terminology and search criteria emerges and trends continually change, so it’s our job to build your online presence through a robust ongoing content strategy. After all, your website is at the core of all of your communications and often the first real interaction your target audience may have with your brand.

Our team can redesign your site and retain its existing SEO, or design and build an entirely new one. What’s important is, your website stays up to date and in perfect working order across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. Your website should provide every visitor with a unique, positive experience and a simple platform that is easy to use.

Targeted campaigns will allow you to quickly boost sales at any point in the year. Cue Media can prepare SMS, EDM and social media campaigns to be rolled out at any time when sales are low or you need to increase audience engagement with your brand. Paid advertising such as AdWords can also be used to give your brand optimum visibility online and target visitors who didn’t previously convert.

If you want to do things bigger and better this year, contact the team today. We’ll devise a marketing strategy to deliver the goods, leaving you to relax and enjoy the holidays safe in the knowledge that you can start 2018 with a bang!

A Cue Media Christmas

As the temperature rises and summer draws in, we all become aware that the build up to Christmas is well and truly upon us. With the excitement of the holiday season looming, your target audience has spent the last few months preparing and saving to be able to make additional or more extravagant purchases to get into the Christmas spirit. These earlybirds may have already started their spending, but the best is yet to come…

With longer waiting times, larger crowds and busier environments, many audiences will resort to the simplest and quickest way to make their purchases – the internet. The convenience of being able to view all of their options in one place and have their products and services delivered to their house or email inbox is the easiest way to spend money fast. It’s not too late to create your Christmas campaign; in fact, now is the perfect time.

Cue Media can roll out an AdWords campaign to give your business high visibility whilst your target audience is spending more time than usual browsing online. Linking to a specific Christmas landing page on your website, the campaign will also give your audience a new and specialised page on which they can search for deals on your products and services. Promotions such as 25% off orders made before Christmas and free delivery options will increase conversions as people rush to take advantage of seasonal offers. Marketing campaigns that can be quickly sent to your target audience to provide an immediate interaction are also ideal for the festive period. EDM and SMS campaigns have a high open rate and at this time of year especially, many audiences are likely to make faster decisions and more impulsive purchases. Last minute shoppers are also looking for new opportunities to tick items off their list in the final days of the festive season.

Social media is a great way to create an emotional connection with your audience at a time when they are looking to make purchases for friends, family and loved ones. Facebook competitions and online promotions create more engagement with your brand and invite people to spread the word about your business.

If you don’t have a seasonal campaign planned to maximise sales throughout December, contact the Cue Media team to target sales and ensure a prosperous end to the year.