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Medical Marvel – Safe, Secure Software Solutions

Cue Media recognises someone’s private medical history is extremely sensitive information which requires the utmost privacy and must be handled with care. And as such, our customised software has been specifically developed with medical practitioners and pharmacists in mind.  

Created by Australia’s best software developers, the exceptionally safe and secure system allows patients to securely book appointments and upload personal details via a website or app.  

The revolutionary technology means patients can have prescriptions conveniently filled online, without worrying whether their personal details will be compromised. As there’s no possible way they can be! The software is airtight. Conversely, doctors and pharmacists can also access patient’s personal medical records, data and confidentiality forms easily and securely. 

Working with the best software developers in the business, Cue Media has implemented their advanced technology for pharmaceutical client, Good Price Pharmacy, with huge success and rave reviews.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse has become one of Australia’s leading retailers in health, beauty and medicinal products. Each store carries brand names in vitamins, skincare, hair care, sun care, cosmetics, perfumes, prescriptions and medicines at everyday low prices.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse wanted the capacity to sellboth prescribed and un-prescribed products online.   And with Cue Media’s help, customers can now upload their prescriptions online, have them filled and then purchase relevant medicines all from a mobile or tablet device, creating a seamless user-experience (UX).  

Cue Media also created different checkout options based on which items are in the shopping cart; while online prices were successfully integrated with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse’s in-store medical system.  

Both parties – patient and pharmacist – are extremely happy with the usability and security functions that software offers. It’s a win-win! 

As a doctor or pharmacist running a medical practice or pharmacy, respectively, Cue Media can tailor an easy, safe and reliable software solution to meet the needs of your growing business. Our software and app is completely customisable, so we can provide a speedy solution just for you. Contact Cue Media to book a consultation with our Creative Director, Nicole Antees, and kickstart your digital journey today!