Make Hay While the Sun Shines

With summer fast approaching, businesses of all shapes and sizes will be preparing to boost sales throughout the coming months. Summer is a critical time to increase profits in Australia, with some sectors in particular finding themselves in very high demand. But without a detailed strategy and the help of a marketing agency, many businesses will lose out as they struggle to take advantage of opportunities to maximise sales.

Tourism really takes off from November through to February, not just with Australians planning their holidays but also from an influx of visitors from overseas who have saved up to explore the country. For places such as Europe, America and Canada, December to February are the coldest months, so many head to Australia for a tropical hot summer. Hotels, transportation and travel businesses should be establishing campaigns well in advance when people are thinking about booking their trips.

At this time of year, fun is the name of the game. People make the most of the weather by eating at new places and spending much of their time outdoors. Hospitality businesses can be prepared by creating their own functions, live music events and new menus with special deals. Highly performing digital content will also drive sales when users are searching for these offers and weekend activities. Paid advertising such as AdWords and SMS and social media campaigns will effectively increase your visibility online.

Business is also booming in the health and fitness industries, as men and women increase their efforts to achieve the perfect summer body in time to hit the beach. Outdoor exercise regimes, pilates, yoga and CrossFit classes are all full and the supplement industry will see sales peak through the season. It’s not just the appearance of their bodies people will be improving, it’s also their wardrobes, so retail and fashion brands should be selling off old stock and stacking the shelves with new summer items.

With temperatures soaring above 35 degrees, local residents, landlords and homeowners start to think about keeping their cool. Air conditioning services, pool maintenance and landscaping businesses will all be kept busy ensuring their customers’ homes, gardens and facilities are all in perfect working order. During storm season, geo-targeted strategies need to be ready and in place to roll out immediately in the construction industries.

So, where does your business fit into all of this? A full marketing campaign should start with your website. Regular updates, blogs and content packed full of key words will ensure you rank highly and organically, not just during the summer months but all year round. For e-commerce sites, exclusive deals and SEO-focused product descriptions will increase your popularity and your revenue. Targeted campaigns can be carried out in specific geographic locations to fill gaps in sales, and EDMs, SMS and social media should be utilised where appropriate. AdWords can also be used as an instant fix to increase profits as quickly as the next day.

If your business needs a little help with planning a summer strategy, the Cue Media marketing agency in Gold Coast can prepare and roll out a full campaign to ensure you hit the ground running. Contact us today to see what we can do for you when things start hotting up this year.