SMS marketing

Smarter Ways To Market Your Business

In today’s world, we are constantly under pressure to do things bigger, better and faster. If you need to grow your business quickly, SMS marketing is a results-driven way to reach your target audience. With the highest open rate of all marketing platforms, over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. This immediate form of communication is also extremely cost-effective, allowing you to contact large volumes of customers at once.

SMS marketing can be used as an urgent fallback method to generate rapid revenue when sales are down, but it can also be integrated into a wider business strategy or campaign to improve ongoing sales. At Cue Media, we provide a simple service from the Gold Coast that allows you to do just that. Taking care of the technical stuff, we’ll manage your project from start to finish, leaving you to do what you do best. With a fallback SMS marketing plan, we can have an urgent campaign ready to go within an hour.

Cue Media’s software fronts customisable features that can be merged with your existing sales team and systems to ensure a completely smooth process. Shaping each campaign around the needs of your business, we have the skills to boost retail sales, amplify RSVP attendees at events and raise brand awareness. You can even target customers geographically to increase turnover in specific locations. Our unrivalled reporting capabilities mean you can keep track of every detail as it happens and watch your sales grow.

Our team will develop a personal and relevant message to be delivered to your target audience at exactly the right time of day for maximum impact. Using the latest technology, we’ll help you view your responses and reply to them, whilst monitoring progress to ensure the highest return on your investment. Once you have sent out your first campaign, we can also support you in building and maintaining a database of customers to market new products and services to in the future.

Cue Media has created and managed SMS experiences for a whole host of clients – take a look at some of our previous marketing campaigns. If you’d like to boost business cost-effectively, call us today on (+61)755325055. We’re ready to connect!


Content marketing

Your Content Strategy

Cue Media has been developing marketing strategies for online platforms and content creation since 1995. We’ve had to evolve with the web as quickly as it advances, which is why we build long-term partnerships with our clients to achieve long-term results. As a creative agency, we are proud to have helped so many businesses meet their goals with a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines paid advertising, organic rankings and campaign reporting.

Every website needs a robust content strategy. If your existing site is not performing the way it should be, it’s having a negative impact on your sales and the return on your investment. With over 20 years’ experience in mapping out long-term strategies, we create measurable reach for businesses through a multi-platform approach.

The first stage in our web strategy is tailoring your on-page SEO. We optimise the content on each page of your website so that it ranks as highly as possible on Google and your target audience can find you over the competition. By optimising each page individually with structured content, we can increase traffic and meet your goals by monitoring success throughout the year.

Our team can write meaningful content across your site and formulate an ongoing blogging strategy to work in conjunction with your SEO page strategy. As well as search engine marketing, we can tie in supporting campaigns in the form of EDM, social media and SMS to give you more routes to your target audience.

If you don’t yet have a content managed website, Cue Media can design one from scratch or redesign your existing site. We’ll start by researching your target audience through Google Analytics before designing and developing a unique user experience that promotes conversion to meet your sales objectives. Our sites are fully customised around the needs of your business, which is why we’ll never use a template.

The next stage in our approach is launching your website and its products or services into the marketplace. Your strategy will include ongoing communication with your target audience to ensure the site is ranking organically for key search terms.

Once the site is ‘live’, we can collect data and study trends in order to track behavior, drop offs and page visits on a weekly or monthly basis. Ensuring your brand has consistent interactions with your target market, we research, monitor and report the figures before, during and after the build to provide real results from fact-based evidence.

If you need a new website, content strategy or marketing plan, contact the team for an honest chat about your business. We speak in plain terms and work autonomously as an extension of your team.