Search Engine Marketing

Increase Your Traffic

With competition for the top spots on Google increasing on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to position your business in the limelight. Search engine marketing is the perfect way to increase your visibility, raise brand awareness and advertise to audiences that are already looking for your products and services.

There are three main ways to utilise search engine marketing for your business, but first it’s important to establish some goals. Cue Media can set up targets to track information such as phone call and email enquiries, sales and conversion through the use of Google Analytics. By studying the activity of your target audience, we know where to focus your spend in order to achieve the highest ROI. Once we understand who we are talking to and how they have landed on your site, we can develop budgets and monitor ROI on all marketing platforms.

Google AdWords is the easiest way to develop a structured campaign around your target audience’s search terms. At Cue Media, we can look at their demographics including age, geographical location, likes and dislikes, and track the results in order to improve them over time. We give you more options to make the most of paid advertising, such as expanded text ads, clickable site links, ‘text us’ features, image ads and video ads. Our search engine marketing service also includes dynamic keyword insertion, so that your ad is responsive to the user’s search criteria.

Through the use of bidding modifiers, we can direct budgets to achieve your sales goals. You can modify bids on any device and review the conversion tracking across PC, tablet and mobile to ensure you get the best return on investment each day.

For a more effective campaign, we also structure in a remarketing strategy in the form of a display, video or text ad. Any visitors to your website can be remarketed by simply presenting your brand in a different way within a certain timeframe. Helping you reach each and every one of your website visitors, this is a targeted approach that achieves high results for businesses needing urgent sales from abandoned shopping baskets on e-commerce sites, older demographics and visitors that have already engaged with the brand. Generally, it takes five interactions with a brand before a conversion can take place, so remarketing is a good way to re-engage customers.

Finally, your website should contain well-written and considered content based on your target audience. This provides you with a lasting strategy for organic ranking on Google. We can help you choose and structure the right key words and tags specific to your business to optimise your website. Your SEO should then be paired with a long-term blogging strategy of regularly updated content to keep the information fresh and relevant.

At Cue Media, we find the right balance of paid advertising and meaningful content by tracking your target audience’s behaviour to conversion or the point they leave your website. Our team will take care of the entire process whilst you manage the sales.