magento migration

Make the switch from Magento before it’s too late!

Magento users will know only too well the issues associated with its eCommerce platform. Bad customer experience, administrative issues, no built-in automated testing, inability to manage corporate accounts, slow page-loading speeds and being non-responsive on different devices, are but a few Magento negatives. And now things have gone from bad to worse with version 1 of the platform coming to an end anytime from November 2018. This means Magento customers are either going to have to risk transitioning to Magento 2, or re-platform entirely.

It will come as frustrating news for those merchants who have managed to master the clunky Magento platform. But by the end of 2018, Magento will cease support for eCommerce merchants that currently use its version 1 platform so they will have no choice but to stay on a sinking ship or quite simply, jump ship.

Users will no longer receive security updates essential for keeping their sites safe, rendering Magento 1 useless. No security updates mean sites will be susceptible to security breaches, errors and malicious attacks.

Thankfully, Cue Media has a timely solution.

With some of Australia’s best software developers in-house, Cue Media has created the answer to your eCommerce dreams. Enter: emarketit! With a suite of functions, we can migrate your store from existing platforms such as Magento 1 and 2 and develop any plugins you currently use for your site with ease. For example, there are seamless integrations for booking functions and accounting software to take your business to the next level.

Whilst Magento is touting their version 2 platform as new and improved, it’s still in its infancy and may be fraught with all-too-familiar problems just like v1.

Many extensions aren’t yet compatible which is troubling, as extensions are a vital component of most Magento stores providing key functionality.

Another drawback is that Magento 2 is a learning curve for merchants – it has a different interface and layout. Users will essentially be forced to start from scratch, learning how to navigate a whole new operating system. Staff will need to be retrained to use this platform, which may prove costly too.

Don’t risk your business’ livelihood! Leave Magento by the wayside and join our revolutionary platform that’s been built from the ground up by Australia’s leading software developers. The benefits of making the switch to Cue Media’s platform are countless. We will maintain a secure network, regularly monitor and test networks, protect cardholder data, implement strong access control measures and maintain an information security policy. Because Cue Media’s emarketit platform has no versions to upgrade (it’s all automatically done so users are blissfully none-the-wiser), your store is future-proof. The cogs are constantly turning behind the scenes so you’ll never have to worry about pesky upgrades.

Our completely responsive platform means you can monitor your sales, manage products and view reports from anywhere at anytime or any device! Grow your business on-the-go.