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Medical Marvel – Safe, Secure Software Solutions

Cue Media recognises someone’s private medical history is extremely sensitive information which requires the utmost privacy and must be handled with care. And as such, our customised software has been specifically developed with medical practitioners and pharmacists in mind.  

Created by Australia’s best software developers, the exceptionally safe and secure system allows patients to securely book appointments and upload personal details via a website or app.  

The revolutionary technology means patients can have prescriptions conveniently filled online, without worrying whether their personal details will be compromised. As there’s no possible way they can be! The software is airtight. Conversely, doctors and pharmacists can also access patient’s personal medical records, data and confidentiality forms easily and securely. 

Working with the best software developers in the business, Cue Media has implemented their advanced technology for pharmaceutical client, Good Price Pharmacy, with huge success and rave reviews.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse has become one of Australia’s leading retailers in health, beauty and medicinal products. Each store carries brand names in vitamins, skincare, hair care, sun care, cosmetics, perfumes, prescriptions and medicines at everyday low prices.  

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse wanted the capacity to sellboth prescribed and un-prescribed products online.   And with Cue Media’s help, customers can now upload their prescriptions online, have them filled and then purchase relevant medicines all from a mobile or tablet device, creating a seamless user-experience (UX).  

Cue Media also created different checkout options based on which items are in the shopping cart; while online prices were successfully integrated with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse’s in-store medical system.  

Both parties – patient and pharmacist – are extremely happy with the usability and security functions that software offers. It’s a win-win! 

As a doctor or pharmacist running a medical practice or pharmacy, respectively, Cue Media can tailor an easy, safe and reliable software solution to meet the needs of your growing business. Our software and app is completely customisable, so we can provide a speedy solution just for you. Contact Cue Media to book a consultation with our Creative Director, Nicole Antees, and kickstart your digital journey today! 

Open For Business 2018

With 2017 coming to an end, you may be starting to look at the success of your business throughout the year and how it has grown. After pushing new and existing products and services, raising brand awareness and targeting specific audiences, it’s likely you will be analysing your profits in line with your efforts and the plans you originally implemented.

Whether you have achieved your annual objectives or not, you should be asking yourself – do you have a strategy for the new year? It’s difficult to forecast the future of your business, but establishing a full marketing strategy for 2018 will position you way ahead of the competition. Now is the time to start planning strategies from the trends learnt from the past year.

At Cue Media, we encourage our clients to refresh their websites to give them longevity throughout the new year and beyond. Technology advances at a rapid rate, new terminology and search criteria emerges and trends continually change, so it’s our job to build your online presence through a robust ongoing content strategy. After all, your website is at the core of all of your communications and often the first real interaction your target audience may have with your brand.

Our team can redesign your site and retain its existing SEO, or design and build an entirely new one. What’s important is, your website stays up to date and in perfect working order across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. Your website should provide every visitor with a unique, positive experience and a simple platform that is easy to use.

Targeted campaigns will allow you to quickly boost sales at any point in the year. Cue Media can prepare SMS, EDM and social media campaigns to be rolled out at any time when sales are low or you need to increase audience engagement with your brand. Paid advertising such as AdWords can also be used to give your brand optimum visibility online and target visitors who didn’t previously convert.

If you want to do things bigger and better this year, contact the team today. We’ll devise a marketing strategy to deliver the goods, leaving you to relax and enjoy the holidays safe in the knowledge that you can start 2018 with a bang!

A Cue Media Christmas

As the temperature rises and summer draws in, we all become aware that the build up to Christmas is well and truly upon us. With the excitement of the holiday season looming, your target audience has spent the last few months preparing and saving to be able to make additional or more extravagant purchases to get into the Christmas spirit. These earlybirds may have already started their spending, but the best is yet to come…

With longer waiting times, larger crowds and busier environments, many audiences will resort to the simplest and quickest way to make their purchases – the internet. The convenience of being able to view all of their options in one place and have their products and services delivered to their house or email inbox is the easiest way to spend money fast. It’s not too late to create your Christmas campaign; in fact, now is the perfect time.

Cue Media can roll out an AdWords campaign to give your business high visibility whilst your target audience is spending more time than usual browsing online. Linking to a specific Christmas landing page on your website, the campaign will also give your audience a new and specialised page on which they can search for deals on your products and services. Promotions such as 25% off orders made before Christmas and free delivery options will increase conversions as people rush to take advantage of seasonal offers. Marketing campaigns that can be quickly sent to your target audience to provide an immediate interaction are also ideal for the festive period. EDM and SMS campaigns have a high open rate and at this time of year especially, many audiences are likely to make faster decisions and more impulsive purchases. Last minute shoppers are also looking for new opportunities to tick items off their list in the final days of the festive season.

Social media is a great way to create an emotional connection with your audience at a time when they are looking to make purchases for friends, family and loved ones. Facebook competitions and online promotions create more engagement with your brand and invite people to spread the word about your business.

If you don’t have a seasonal campaign planned to maximise sales throughout December, contact the Cue Media team to target sales and ensure a prosperous end to the year.

Truly Brilliant Web Design

The internet evolves on a daily basis. Technologies improve, systems upgrade and new design pushes the boundaries to appear bigger and better than the competition. Your online presence is paramount to retaining customers and converting new ones, so it’s up to you to find the smartest ways to market and grow your business.

At Cue Media, our clients trust us with not only their websites, but their entire digital communications; safe in the knowledge that we can deliver fully integrated solutions on time and to budget. From the initial design drafts to the launch date, we can quickly turn around a sleek new website that positions you at the top of your game. Individually tailoring different technologies, we produce powerful, resilient and profitable sites.

Before the build, our team spends time focusing on the planning and project development stages to ensure we have clearly defined your target audience and their behaviour. We research and monitor their activity to decide the main purpose of your website and the responses and actions you want to achieve from your users. We combine this with competitor analysis to see how we can improve on what everybody else is doing.

Cue Media designs websites that are user-centred, meaning every decision is based on the needs and experience of your target audience. Once the page layouts, images and content are approved, we can begin the web development, ensuring the site will be responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile to ensure every user experiences your website in the way it was designed to work.

With rapid turnaround times, we can design and build your website in under a week if your deadline is tight. Our team has the capacity, experience and knowledge to deliver fast results, so your new site could be providing returns within a matter of days. With Christmas drawing ever closer, we can create specific holiday campaigns and landing pages within your current site by the end of your working week.

It’s incredibly important to maintain the reputation of your brand and picture your business as a leader in the field. A researched, targeted and well-designed website is the key to maintaining year-round return on investment. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road! Contact our team of web developers and digital gurus to start creating a website that will transform your business and your bottom line.

Welcome to the Jungle: Amazon Australia is Here

Big news! The largest e-commerce site in the world has just launched in Australia. is already being populated with products as we speak, with businesses of all shapes and sizes seizing the opportunity to sell their stock with the online retailer. The global brand is currently dominating the marketplace in the US, South America, Europe and Asia, but rather than fear the competition, there is a way you can join forces with Amazon to be a part of its success.

As such a huge entity, it can be a daunting prospect for many business owners wanting to sell with the online retail giant, but we’re here to prove that when it comes to selling on Amazon, it’s not such a jungle out there after all. Cue Media uses Shopify, a website platform that produces powerful e-commerce sites that can be integrated with Amazon. We can design, build and set up your new website to sell your products online through the easy-to-use and convenient tool.

Shopify powers over 500,000 businesses worldwide and has sold 46 billion US dollars’ worth of products to date. Its features allow you to create a fully customisable website, online store and blog, with a payment gateway that accepts all types of credit and debit cards. Additional bonuses include unlimited product inventory, customer data and discounted postage rates with Shopify Shipping. Once your products are synced to Amazon, it’s time to showcase your brand with the best in the business. You can also use Shopify to sell through social media channels such as Facebook.

Amazon sells millions of products from electrical and entertainment goods to children’s toys and fashion brands. Their catalogue is grouped into dozens of departments with thousands of new products listed every day, so the chances are; if Amazon doesn’t sell it, nobody does. Listing your products with the global retailer opens up a world of possibilities to ensure you capitalise on sales all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

For more information on how to get your Shopify e-commerce website up and running, simply contact the Cue Media team. We can set up your site to make sure you’re one of the first to team up with Amazon Australia.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

With summer fast approaching, businesses of all shapes and sizes will be preparing to boost sales throughout the coming months. Summer is a critical time to increase profits in Australia, with some sectors in particular finding themselves in very high demand. But without a detailed strategy and the help of a marketing agency, many businesses will lose out as they struggle to take advantage of opportunities to maximise sales.

Tourism really takes off from November through to February, not just with Australians planning their holidays but also from an influx of visitors from overseas who have saved up to explore the country. For places such as Europe, America and Canada, December to February are the coldest months, so many head to Australia for a tropical hot summer. Hotels, transportation and travel businesses should be establishing campaigns well in advance when people are thinking about booking their trips.

At this time of year, fun is the name of the game. People make the most of the weather by eating at new places and spending much of their time outdoors. Hospitality businesses can be prepared by creating their own functions, live music events and new menus with special deals. Highly performing digital content will also drive sales when users are searching for these offers and weekend activities. Paid advertising such as AdWords and SMS and social media campaigns will effectively increase your visibility online.

Business is also booming in the health and fitness industries, as men and women increase their efforts to achieve the perfect summer body in time to hit the beach. Outdoor exercise regimes, pilates, yoga and CrossFit classes are all full and the supplement industry will see sales peak through the season. It’s not just the appearance of their bodies people will be improving, it’s also their wardrobes, so retail and fashion brands should be selling off old stock and stacking the shelves with new summer items.

With temperatures soaring above 35 degrees, local residents, landlords and homeowners start to think about keeping their cool. Air conditioning services, pool maintenance and landscaping businesses will all be kept busy ensuring their customers’ homes, gardens and facilities are all in perfect working order. During storm season, geo-targeted strategies need to be ready and in place to roll out immediately in the construction industries.

So, where does your business fit into all of this? A full marketing campaign should start with your website. Regular updates, blogs and content packed full of key words will ensure you rank highly and organically, not just during the summer months but all year round. For e-commerce sites, exclusive deals and SEO-focused product descriptions will increase your popularity and your revenue. Targeted campaigns can be carried out in specific geographic locations to fill gaps in sales, and EDMs, SMS and social media should be utilised where appropriate. AdWords can also be used as an instant fix to increase profits as quickly as the next day.

If your business needs a little help with planning a summer strategy, the Cue Media marketing agency in Gold Coast can prepare and roll out a full campaign to ensure you hit the ground running. Contact us today to see what we can do for you when things start hotting up this year.