SEO Agency Gold Coast


  • Dedicated in-house SEO strategist
  • Extensive Keyword Mapping
  • Blogging and Content Creation to Improve Oranic Ranking
  • Tangible Results Via Comprehensive Weekly Reporting
  • Dedicated Landing Pages for SEO

Break through your brand visibility barriers with an SEO strategy that will increase your site ranking and generate business growth.

At Cue Media we understand SEO is the foundation of your website’s visibility so we take a holistic approach to ensure we cover all bases. We offer a powerful combination of on page and off page SEO with unique and proven strategies to provide fast results. The combination drives traffic to your website whilst communicating your brand message throughout. We conduct in-depth research and compile data to build an understanding of your audience’s behaviour. Our SEO strategists look at overall source of audience, dwell time on each page, sales funnel and conversions, click through rate, search queries, what they are clicking and where your audience clicks away from your website leading to potential loss of sales. Through this research we determine missed opportunities and how to adjust our strategy to target existing and new audiences.

As a Gold Coast SEO Company, Cue Media also cover extensive geo targeted keyword research. For example, the amount of monthly searches per search term you are hoping to rank for, this helps to define our keyword strategy.

We understand that you want your website to be ranking in Google searches fast, so we develop a short-term strategy and a long-term SEO strategy. We focus on immediate growth whilst also broadening our focus to future growth expectations. We include KPI’s in our strategy to ensure our work is aligned with your goals and your business model.

A large element of successful search engine marketing (SEM) is providing Google with websites that have a captivating and professional design, clean code that loads fast on different platforms, and the quality and quantity of the content on your website. We look at these elements prior to delivery of our search engine optimisation strategy to ensure our services are effective.

As Gold Coast SEO consultants, we provide lasting solutions for on page and off page SEO. We know there is great value in well written and compelling copy to keep the user engaged. We look at your website and determine whether the correct level of content is on your pages. As part of our strategy, our highly qualified content creators regularly post relevant content on your website, whether that is blog posts or updating the copy on your webpages. We make sure the copy is visible in search results by writing SEO page titles, meta descriptions, and by providing H1 and H2 tags throughout the code.

It’s important for off page SEO that we generate link building through posting content on other existing platforms, for example external blogs and social media posts. Other variations of off page SEO are achieved through means of multiple profile creations, consistent search engine submissions and creating backlinks for better indexing by Google. This will increase traffic and enable your site to rank highly in Google and convert clicks to revenue.