Magento to Shopify Migration?


Cue Media has the solution.

So, you’ve been a loyal Magento user for a while now, despite all the issues? But with the new upgrade to version 2 looming, you have no other choice but to transition with them, right? Wrong. Cue Media understands Magento’s version 2 is a whole new interface which will make transitioning anything but easy.

Thankfully, we’ve got a timely solution. Shopify and Our in-house web developers have created a system to mitigate any issues for Magento users to re-platform. Enter: Erpsync!

This eCommerce platform with the funny name, means serious business. Housing a suite of functions, Erpsync & Shopify can migrate your existing store from Magento 1 and 2, and seamlessly integrate advanced plugins such as booking functions and accounting software.

Though it’s being touted as the ‘next best thing’, Magento 2 is in its infancy and let’s be honest, will likely have just as many issues as version 1.

Pre-empt having to deal with the mess that is Magento and choose Cue Media’s proven Australian-grown solution to make business (and life) easier.