Email Marketing


  • Software with detailed reporting capabilities including SMS
  • Design, strategy and management
  • Intuitive and ongoing content creation
  • Sophisticated software developed locally

Push your unique brand messaging and drive sales through a captivating email marketing campaign. Here at Cue Media we have the expertise and resources to make your campaign vision a reality.

We know what’s important to your business, so we’ve established cost-effective and customized email marketing software for your team to navigate with ease, giving you the freedom to prioritize your time and your finances. Our software offers unbeatable reporting capabilities that will redefine your business metrics and deliver results.

Cue Media believes your email marketing software should be simple to use. That’s why we’ve developed software that can integrate with any platform with easy to manage templates for you to update and create new campaigns fast.

Your email campaign should wholly represent your brand and your mission, so we’ve teamed up with local software developers in Brisbane to deliver a customizable software that allows you to have full control over your email marketing. If you have a new and exciting idea to present dynamic content such as animated gif files we have the ability to develop it and incorporate it into your campaign. It’s completely tailored to you and your brand.

The sole purpose of delivering a well-crafted email communication to your audience is to give them a memorable and effortless experience so we’ve developed automation and remarketing systems that will save you time on customer service whilst increasing your ROI, brand messaging and your bottom line.

Our email marketing software uses advanced list management processes to tailor your email marketing campaign to your preferred target audience.

We know how to increase organic traffic and generate leads through your campaign by giving your customers a reason to click. With an added SMS marketing feature you are able to reach your target audience within 3 minutes with a 98% open rate. The combination of SMS and email marketing has the power to supercharge your marketing campaign and increase your click through rate on your website and social media platforms. We guarantee results with our advanced SMS reporting capabilities and through use of an Australian telco provider.