New Subsidy Calls for Better Promotion of Home Care Services

When handing down the federal budget for 2018-19, the government announced their plans to contribute $1.6 billion towards home care packages over the next four years.

The funding will subsidise a range of packages starting from basic care needs, to low-level, intermediate and high-level care needs.

For providers of at-home services, this presents a valuable opportunity to secure new customers that are taking advantage of the government support. 

But all care service providers are vying for the same clients, so to make the most of the opportunity, you need to find a way to better get your brand in front of your target market.

Cue Media are the leading digital specialists for home care services marketing with a 7-year background specifically in aged care.

At Cue Media, we offer a powerful combination of on page and off page SEO with unique and proven strategies to provide fast results.

We understand that for aged care services, it’s often the children of your potential clients that are the decision makers, and they take their time to research the market and weigh up their options.

Through SEO, you can increase your site ranking, be found easier in this research phase and generate business growth.

Similarly, the children also tend to do this type of research in advance, and plan ahead for when their parent/s mobility deteriorates before making the final call to get help in.

EDMs are the perfect tool to nurture these long-term leads so your business is top-of-mind over competing care service providers and when the time is right - convert them into clients.

Our team also has the expertise to develop AdWords campaigns with strong calls-to-action to make the most of paid advertising surrounding your target audience’s search terms.

And while social media may not be the first tool that comes to mind for home care services marketing, it is an amazing platform to build brand awareness and gain exposure.

We devise a performance-based social media strategy for social media dedicated to reaching the right audience for your business for optimal engagement.

Furthermore, our history working in the aged care industry puts us miles ahead when it comes to delivering the right tone for new imagery and collateral to best communicate your brand.

It’s important that the digital design of brand assets such as your logo, web design and EDM design are consistent across all channels and best resonate with your audience. This is something we at Cue Media pride ourselves in.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand in front of your potential clients who will soon be accessing the new government funding.

Get in touch with Cue Media to discuss how effective home care services marketing can help boost your online presence.


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