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Can your WordPress site “hack” it?

We all know WordPress as one of the most popular publishing platforms in the world, running over 25% off all websites worldwide. If you don’t personally have a WordPress blog or site, chances are you know someone who does. So, what’s the problem, you ask? In a nutshell, WordPress uses code that’s visible to everyone, known as open source. And because of this, you’re almost inviting potential hackers to come and well, hack you. It’s far too easy for anyone to access the code, and as WordPress powers so many websites, it’s become the go-to for potential attackers to infect millions of websites in an instant. A real hacker’s delight.

Cue Media’s new platform, developed by Australia’s leading coders will put an end to hackers for good. And it’s super easy to migrate your existing WordPress site, too. We’ll delve into the benefits of Cue Media’s revolutionary emarketit software a bit later but first, it’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of WordPress and frankly, why you need to get out and get out pronto.

Generally, there are three types of “attackers” to a WordPress site – a single bot, a person or a “botnet” which is a group of machines running multiple versions of a program all trying to hack into a number of sites simultaneously.

Why do attackers want to gain access to your site anyway? In a word, for control. But there are a number of reasons: from sending spam to hosting malicious content such as illegal drug sales or pornography or simply stealing your data. And then there’s the option to use your site to redirect traffic to another malicious or spam website – this is called “spamvertizing”.

The likelihood of your site being used for malicious activity once hacked is high. Sadly, this is very damaging to your reputation. You’ll find yourself being penalized in the search engine rankings and you could even be blocked by browser filters like Chrome and Google Safe Browsing list. Bad news all round.

Hackers are like evil geniuses and go about their business using a two-pronged attack. Firstly, they carry out reconnaissance determining what kind of software your website is running and the versions of that software.

Once they know what they’re dealing with, their aim is exploitation. In other words, actually hacking into a website. Whether it’s through your login page, which is the most common form of attack targeting WordPress, or via the PHP code on your site, a close second. Attackers will try to exploit vulnerabilities in PHP code running on your WordPress site including code in WordPress core, your themes, and plugins. There is a myriad of ways they go about hacking but the third most commonly used technique is privilege escalation. If you have registration enabled on your site, hackers can simply register to create a user account. Privilege escalation involves using the access granted by that account and a software flaw to gain higher level of access like ‘admin’.

While there are steps you can take to protect your WordPress site against hackers such as using strong passwords for all user accounts, choosing a reputable hosting provider, keeping WordPress core, your themes and plugins up-to-date; we recommend using our new Cue Media platform, which is not only user-friendly but has security measures in place to ward off potential hackers and keep your site and data 100% safe and secure.

Our emarketit software has been developed by local Gold Coast developers who are among the best in Australia at what they do. They have specifically developed a product for industries that require the utmost security, such as aged care and medical sectors. Our pharmaceutical clients currently use our specialisedv Cue Media platform and to rave reviews. The highly secure code allows patients to upload their prescriptions and have them filled online, creating an incredibly convenient experience for all involved.

This software is iron-clad. And as it’s being used by industry professionals who require the highest level of security, we have no doubt it will serve your business exceptionally well, and you’ll never give a second thought to hackers again. Contact Cue Media today for a free consultation with our creative director, to not only take your online security but your business as a whole, to the next level.