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Climbing the Social Ladder

In a digital age, a rapidly growing number of products, services and experiences are becoming more readily available online. With most of us constantly browsing social media apps on our mobiles, tablets or computers every day, it’s extremely important your brand has a presence amongst them. Without one, you could be easily forgotten in the midst of a hurricane of other businesses trying to get their fill of air time.

So why is social media such a necessity? Aside from positioning your brand as a popular, well-connected individual, there are a number of key practices that can help spread the word about what you do and why it matters. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest or any other channel, you’re sure to raise your brand’s awareness.

Facebook is one of the most commonly used mediums due to its versatile features and popularity with all markets and demographics. It gives you the ability to tell your story and drive people back to your website by sharing links such as weekly blog posts or information on new products and services. Simply provide regular posts and let your target audience spread the word. You can also use Facebook for event management to keep track of RSVPs and for competitions to increase activity and engagement.

Paid advertising is also a large factor in social media. Targeted campaigns such as display ads can be rolled out geographically to increase followers, ‘likes’ and visits in particular areas where engagement or awareness is low. Your social media campaign could be anything from a one-off Tweet to a full strategy covering all bases, but it will always open up opportunities to monitor your target market’s behaviour and interests with online tools. With bigger brands now even using Snapchat and Whatsapp for tactical advertising and marketing campaigns, the future potential of social media advertising is continually growing.

If your business is a little socially awkward, it’s probably time to call in the experts. Cue Media can connect your brand and build your online presence to take your business from shy and retiring to an experienced socialite. Contact the team to get started!